I was browsing a while ago in Facebook and found a very interesting photo from my FB friend's album. The photo interests me a lot because it looks really similar with our famous Ferris Wheel in Kaohsiung. Take a look at this.

London Eye

The photo above is of that they called the London Eye (Ferris Wheel). Here's what the photographer is saying about this controversial infrastructure.

So, today’s shot is of the newly famous London Eye. It’s more than just a ferris wheel. I can understand why it was so controversial when it was being built. What proper city would want a carnival-esque attraction right in the middle of it all? Well, this is no regular ferris wheel. It’s at least four times bigger than most, and each capsule is like a tiny plane. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to go inside for a ride… this was for many reasons:

  • They put a bunch of people in with you, and I fear they would all crowd to the window
  • I want to go up at exactly sunset and take an amazing photo, which would really require me to be by myself or with an assistant
I saw there was a special “ride” you can get that has gourmet chocolate on board. That sounded good and I wanted to plan that for a future trip! - Rainbow over the London Eye

Thanks to Danny Alex for the link. (;