It seems like after the long and happy vacation, a sudden jolt of loneliness caused by being separated from the people I spent the last few weeks of 2010, made me a bit emotional.

Anyways, I'm okay now. If by any chance, you are experiencing depression while reading this post, here are good and interesting reads that might keep you away from thinking too much.

2. Top 10 Most Scandalous Hotels - Shocking hotel scandals by your favorite Hollywood celebrities.

Hope you all have a great New Year. So long. XOXO ♥♥♥

Life is like traveling. You meet a lot of people. You like some and you dislike a few. Some stay and some go away. The best thing actually is knowing a few who choose to stay despite the fact that you don't want them to.

Here's an excerpt from Rajneesh Osho's book, one of my sources of inspiration. ☺

“Life is a journey—an endless journey. Do not analyze. Just enjoy the journey. Pity you!—in your obsession for the destination, you miss to appreciate the beauty of the journey itself. There is no goal—if life has a goal, then when you reach the goal, you have become imprisoned by your own goal—you have become less by your goal. What we have in life is a series of journeys. In fact it is the journey alone that counts.” (in Rajneesh Osho’s book, If you see the Buddha; That is not the Buddha–Slap it! Pune, India: Osho Ashram, 1995; p. 163) .

Now, back to work mode. Aja!